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Daily Practices That Transform Culture


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I have spent the last three years reviewing the latest research on organizational health, holding online discussions with the organizational health community and doing in-depth interviews with thought-leaders that have inspired my work.


There is overwhelming evidence that:

Positivity and resilience in individuals, teams and organizations can improve through daily practices that increase positive emotion at work.

These practices boost creativity, innovation, productivity, employee satisfaction, customer service, customer satisfaction and the financial outcomes in organizations.


A Better Place To Work is a synthesis of advice from business and organizational health experts that will inspire you to become positively deviant at work. Learn how to disrupt downward spirals with practices that create environments where people, teams and organizations flourish.

Here’s what people have to say:


“I learned how to introduce mindfulness and gratitude at work. The resilience wardrobe gave me many tools to build on.”
Katie Phillips, Director of Operations, Tricon Solutions, Calgary Alberta



“I am a positive person, who has spent 35 years in the health & wellness industry and I have learned a lot in this online course. I can only imagine the powerful affect this information could bring to individuals without my background!”
Laurie Barnetson Site Manager and Regional Support
Curtis Personalized Health Management LTD

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