Deborah speaks across North America throughout the year, to private groups and large conferences. During COVID-19 Deborah is teaching online courses and speaking at online events. She is a captivating speaker, storyteller and workplace coach. From starting Canada’s first annual conference (The Better Workplace Conference) to authoring “A Better Place To Work: Daily Practices That Transform Culture”, she has distilled the knowledge of hundreds of thought-leaders, combining it with her own leadership experience to provide practical advice on organizational and team practices to create environments that allow for more creativity, innovation, engagement and fun. Deborah teaches leaders to radically shift workplace culture so that people can flourish.

The 3-R’s For Teams During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way many of us need to work. It has moved many businesses to work predominantly from home and mostly online. What a change it has been! You may be asking yourself how you can continue to operate a business online, and support your team remotely. You might be feeling stressed or uncertain about how to create a new direction and vision for your team in a very uncertain time.

Deborah has developed 3 online workshops to meet the needs of teams who are new to working online called The Three R’s for Teams During COVID-19: RESILIENCE, REINVENTION & REFLEXIVITY

These workshops are designed to help your team with developing resilience, continual renewal, reinventing how you work together, and building social reflexivity (how you support one another).

Each workshop is designed specifically for your team based on a conversation with you and a questionnaire about your needs.

All three workshops can go together into a half-day to full-day workshop, or they can be facilitated separately in 60-90 minute timeframes. Talk to us about what will work for you!

Email us now about booking an online workshop for your team.

Keynote Sessions

Below are a number of her Keynote Sessions, but Deborah can work with you to tailor a topic to fit your specific request.

Deb speaking on Positive Deviance at Work at the DisruptHR 2018 Conference in Victoria, BC.

Be Positively Deviant!
Daily Practices to Transform Culture

Do people flourish in your workplace? Is your culture one that supports them to be creative, innovative, engaged, and to contribute all they have to offer? What if you could apply some simple daily practices to build this type of culture at work?

Positive deviance is necessary to be a transformational leader. This keynote will inspire you to develop leadership and team practices that create a culture of possibility where people thrive!

Through this keynote you will:

  • Understand positive deviance and learn how to deviate daily from the norm to create a culture where people can flourish.
  • Learn how increasing positive emotion and positive interactions at work can increase engagement and resilience.
  • Experience personal practices that can shift positivity and resilience, such as gratitude.
  • Learn how to have more constructive conversations at work, through simple practices such as the use of generative questions.
  • Find out how to create upward spirals in your own life and within your teams.
  • Discover how to lead an effective team debrief to improve team effectiveness.
  • Learn about the most highly recommended tools and advice from leading organizational health experts.

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Transforming Your Workplace Through One Simple Question


This keynote is ideal for a conference opening or closing speech.  As an opener, it will prime your audience to find the transformational question that will help them get the most out of your conference.  As a closing keynote, it will send them away with the knowledge of how to use transformational questions to tackle huge challenges or engage people in a vision.


Learn More: Transforming Your Workplace Through One Simple Question


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