A Better Place To Work


For many, work is about surviving versus thriving – it doesn’t have to be that way.


What if you could apply some simple daily practices to transform your team or organization? I help leaders like you radically shift culture so that people can flourish.


Flourishing teams are more creative, innovative, engaged and productive.


Learn to create your better place to work to attract and retain great people who see possibilities, give great customer service and exceed expectations!


Deb speaking on Positive Deviance at Work at the DisruptHR 2018 Conference in Victoria, BC.

  • Deb is a captivating speaker, storyteller and workplace coach.
  • She is the author of A Better Place To Work: Daily Practices That Transform Culture
  • She founded The Better Workplace Conference and led it for 17 years
  • Her annual conference created a whole generation of workplace health professionals.
  • She has distilled the knowledge of hundreds of thought-leaders that came together each year for this forum to provide a practical book, keynote, workshop and online course
  • Deb can simplify the seemingly complex task of creating a better culture

Deborah Connors

Coming from a background of planning conferences herself, Deb knows that you’re looking for someone who not only inspires, but delivers practical tools that your delegates can put into place immediately. She provides a keynote that is animated, funny, engaging and delivers its promise. Her presentations are all tailored to fit and she is dedicated to serving her clients.


Deborah Connors

Choose Your Story

Workplace Practices That Transform


Do people flourish in your workplace? Is your culture one that supports them to be creative, innovative, productive, and to contribute all they have to offer? What if you could apply some simple daily practices to build this type of culture at work?


What is the story of change you are writing in your workplace? If you are a change agent with a vision for a better place to work, this keynote will inspire you to develop daily practices that create a culture of possibility that attracts and retains the best people.


Through this keynote you will:


  • Discover the “through-line” approach to shifting culture at work
  • Find out how to create upward spirals in your own life and within your teams
  • Learn how to model the principles of positive organizing
  • Experience practices that can shift your positivity and resilience as a leader
  • Learn about the most highly recommended tools and advice from leading organizational health experts.


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Transforming Your Workplace Through One Simple Question


This keynote is ideal for a conference opening or closing speech.  As an opener, it will prime your audience to find the transformational question that will help them get the most out of your conference.  As a closing keynote, it will send them away with the knowledge of how to use transformational questions to tackle huge challenges or engage people in a vision.


Learn More: Transforming Your Workplace Through One Simple Question


Building a Wellness Culture

One Person, One Practice at a Time


Does it feel like your workplace is going in a downward spiral? Is yours a workplace where people truly flourish?


In this workshop you will learn that positive and healthy cultures are built through practices, not programs. You will learn how to positively disrupt downward spirals and to shift your culture to one where people can flourish.


Through practical activities you will:


  • Develop simple practices that can shift your own positivity as a leader
  • Discover how to build flourishing teams
  • Get hands-on practice with 5 low cost/no cost tools to influence a positive culture at work
  • Experience the principles of positive organizing
  • Find out how to tailor these practices and principles to grow this movement within your own workplace


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