Is My Work in Line With My Energy?

In a recent yoga class, the instructor asked, “Is your practice in line with your energy today?”
In other words, was I pushing too hard, or not hard enough?

I was low energy that day. Tired. It was good advice because it’s easy to push yourself too hard through a series or into a pose you know you can do.But if you are respecting where your energy is at, or what is going on with your body that day, you’re less likely to get injured.

I was thinking about how much this advice applies to work, and how easy it is to push beyond our limits. What if I asked myself each day, “Where is my energy level? Am I working in line with my energy level?”

Or better yet, “What work practices can I develop that are easeful, steady and sustainable? How can I be my most effective at work?”

You’ve probably made one or more of these mistakes before (I know I’ve done them all at some point in my career!):

❌ Had 10 “To-Do’s” on your list when getting only 3 done well was the sustainable practice.

❌ Said yes, when you should have said no.

❌ Taken on a big project, thinking it would take a certain amount of time, only to find it took double.

❌ Worked through lunch with no break only to find yourself unproductive and low energy in the afternoon.

❌ Did not disconnect on a vacation and then came back not feeling rested?

What if you asked yourself a few questions as you plan your day, or your week? What if you responded to requests for your time based on your energy?

Here are a few questions to ponder:

✅ Is this practice / work / project in line with my energy today?

✅ Can this be done in an easeful way?

✅ Is it sustainable?

✅ What work practices can I develop that keep me in an easeful, steady and sustainable flow?

✅ What conditions are necessary for me to be my most effective?

Try this practice of working in accordance with your energy and asking these practical questions before taking on something new. How does it change the way you work? Are you more effective on what you say yes to when you say no, or postpone other tasks? How does it impact your energy level?

Deborah Connors

Deborah Connors teaches leaders to radically shift culture so that people can flourish. She is an engaging speaker, storyteller, author and coach.

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